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Ready to take on a new workout, amp up your regular routine or start a new outdoor hobby? You’ll find all the best gear for your active lifestyle right here in The Active Shop. From beginners to regular runners, our selection of running shoes for men and women is stock full of the brands that’ll help you achieve your goals, then push past them! Looking to spend more time outside? Check out the best hiking boots and trail shoes for all your outdoor adventures. If the gym is more your thing, training shoes with all the latest and greatest technology (not to mention all the coolest colors!) will suit your needs and your style.

When you’re shopping for a good pair of running shoes, first consider what type of running you’ll be doing. For instance, if most of your running will be inside on a treadmill, you’ll want to look for different features than if you’ll be running outside on pavement or on rugged trails. Consider if you need more cushioning from your running shoes, if you prefer a nice plush ride, or if your feet require more stability for a grounded feel to your run. If you’ll be doing most of your running outside on uneven terrain, check out our selection of outdoor and trail shoes. These styles provide more traction with aggressively lugged outsoles and are typically darker in color so that dirt doesn’t show easily.

If you really want to go all out with your outdoor exploration, you’ll want a good pair of hiking boots. These boots have lots of great features that enhance your hikes. Many of these styles have extra support around the ankle for stability and have a reinforced shank down the middle of the sole to allow for a steadier step over rocks and sticks. Lots of hiking boots also have waterproof properties and extra warmth so you can get your hike on in any type of weather Mother Nature throws your way. These styles are ready to take you where you want to go, with all the best features to keep you comfortable.

Training shoes, or cross-trainers, as they’re sometimes called, are what you want if you’re into hitting the gym. They’re great for weightlifting, aerobics classes and interval training. The main difference you’ll notice between trainers and running shoes is that sole of a training shoe is typically flatter than that of a running shoe. This is done intentionally to give the wearer more stability for lateral, or side-to-side, movements, whereas a runner is moving forward with a heel-to-toe motion.

If walking is more your speed, a great pair of walking shoes is what you’ll need to keep you company on those neighborhood strolls. Walking shoes are specifically designed for an even heel to toe stride, which may differ than running shoes, where weight is shifted more drastically. Look for a great pair that’s both supportive and lightweight to get your walk on in style.

So, are you ready to get moving? Start with a new pair of shoes from the Famous Footwear Active Shop for that extra bit of motivation and get your workout started off on the right foot.