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Level up your cold weather style with Chelsea boots for men. Chelsea boots are a wardrobe staple for every stylish man. They have a timeless silhouette and simple design, which makes them a must-have for men of all ages. You can style Chelsea boots in all kinds of ways. The texture of the boot really sets the tone for the outfit. Suede Chelsea boots come off as cool and relaxed while men’s leather Chelsea boots have more of a classic charm. Whatever your style, Chelsea boots can definitely take it to the next level.

There are two main styles of Chelsea boots to choose from. Leather Chelsea boots have a sleek and smooth aesthetic. They can easily be worn as dress shoes, especially in colder climates. Pair them with a suit for more formal occasions. Black leather is a great choice for when you want to sub out traditional dress shoes for men’s Chelsea boots. Or try black leather Chelsea boots to elevate a simple look with jeans. It is a classic take on fashion that is always in style. On the other hand, brown leather Chelsea boots suit semi-formal, and business casual looks. A light-colored suit, or light-wash jeans are a great match for brown leather Chelsea boots.

The other main style of these boots are suede Chelsea boots. Due to their texture, they are the more casual option. They can work to relax a more structured look or simply fit the vibe of your casual and smart casual outfits. Like leather Chelsea boots, suede textures come in black and brown shades. To help choose between the colors, consider your purpose. Black is best for creating a more streetwear ready outfit. Pair them with ripped jeans and your favorite tee for a smart yet trendy look. Brown, on the other hand, can offer a more rural relaxed look. Try pairing them with light-wash jeans and maybe your favorite flannel. Either way, be thoughtful of the weather: Suede is not always compatible with rainy days.

Famous Footwear has a wide array of men’s Chelsea boots to choose from including some of your favorite famous brands. You are sure to find the perfect boot for your purposes. Chelsea boots are a great way to start elevating your style. They are a super approachable and beginner friendly boot. You can think of men’s Chelsea boots as the gateway to more formal, and fashion forward male footwear.