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Take on new adventures with Famous Footwear's collection of girl's outdoor and water sandals. Our latest selection features a variety of sandals for outdoor activities, including girl's hiking sandals and trail sandals, designed to keep up with every step of her exploration. From rugged terrains to playful water escapades, our outdoor sandals are built for durability and adventure, ensuring that she's ready for whatever the outdoors throw her way.


Designed for the young trailblazer, our girl's hiking sandals offer not just style, but also the sturdiness needed for the trail. Explore the unbeaten paths with confidence in trail sandals for girls that are as durable as they are fashionable. Dive into summer fun with our water sandals, combining functionality and style for those splash-filled moments.


Famous Footwear is the go-to destination for versatile and reliable girl's sandals. Whether she's navigating trails or enjoying water activities, our sandals are crafted to withstand the elements while keeping her feet comfortable and supported. Equip her for a world of exploration – shop the latest outdoor and water sandals for girls at Famous Footwear and empower her to embrace the great outdoors with every stride.