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Low Top Vans


Vans have been around for decades; one simple thing has kept these shoes in our collective consciousness: They are versatile and always evolving. Vans keeps an eye on the trends so they can give the people what they want. Vans are constantly evolving for each new generation while keeping all the old school qualities that the generation prior loved. First produced in California, the brand was co-opted by the unique west coast skate culture. Low top Vans are a direct result of the brand’s commitment to the people. The grippy soles and cushioned collar of these sneakers made them a hit with skaters. These shoes were built to withstand the world of street skating, so the transition to lifestyle shoes was an easy one. At first, low top Vans only came in basic colors like black and white. However, as these shoes gained popularity Vans, once again, gave the people what they wanted.

Low top Vans are a great lifestyle shoe. There is a color and a pattern to fit everyone. All walks of life can be accompanied by classic low top Vans sneakers. The vulcanized rubber outsole that was originally beloved by skaters is sure to be a hit with you. The vulcanized rubber allows for increased flexibility and durability. Low top Vans are a phenomenal addition to your closet because they go with just about anything. They’re awesome casual sneakers, but they can be dressed up for the right occasion. Low top Vans come in a variety of textured uppers. You can get leather, suede, or the classic canvas upper.

They’re great shoes for every outfit. If you have a more structured look that you want to dress down and make more approachable, try pairing it with low top Vans. It’s enough to find a color that compliments your outfit, and low top Vans will do the rest of the work. If you want to stand out a bit more, try getting them in a fun pattern. The iconic Checkerboard pattern is great place to start for a standout look but low top Vans come in a variety of patterns for you to choose from. One of them is bound to match your unique style.

Pick up a pair of Vans low top sneakers from Famous Footwear and unlock a world of comfy, casual, and cool sneakers. Low top Vans are sure to bring your closet together effortlessly.

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