Platform Shoes


Level up your look at Famous Footwear with platform sneakers and sandals! Get in on the sky-high trend to elevate your look (literally). A platform is a great way to get some height with more comfort than heels. They come in all kinds of colors and patterns. Try out a bright white shoe for a crisp minimalist look that can go with anything. Have fun in the sun with platform sandals. Take on epic streetwear style in platform sneakers and try the edgy look in platform combat boots. Whatever your vibe you can take it to the next level with platforms.

The best thing about platforms is that they are versatile. Try pairing these trendy shoes with your favorite pair of jeans or a simple dress to add some height, and visual interest to your legs. Any time you’re looking to throw on a pair of nice sneakers with a look, reach for a platform sneaker instead. Streetwear style is majorly popular right now. You can go streetwear chic with solid colors, or really express yourself in patterned platform sneakers. For a bit of an alternative edge try out platform converse. They will pop a bit more and have you feeling on top of the world.

Reach for the sky in the summer with platform sandals. Platform sandals are a great way to add some flare to anything you wear. From shorts, to sundresses, these sandals make your legs look long, and they are a fun way to show some personality. With so many styles to choose from in the sandal department, you can match all your sunny summer vibes.

Then, when the colder months roll in you can add something a little edgier to your style. Platform combat boots take the iconic sturdy sole that combat boots are known for to the max. They are a serious showstopper, perfect for an all-black leather look, or you can mix it up with a pop of color. They go great with skinny or cuffed straight legged jeans. Whatever you do, be sure to show off the whole boot so it can really pop!

Platform shoes are for people who are not afraid to stand out in a big way. Even a simple one-color shoe becomes a statement look. Style them how you want, there’s no wrong way to do it as long as your shoes make you feel a little famous. Try out this style. Pick up a pair from Famous Footwear. It may just become your new favorite show-stopping look.