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Chunky boots are in! Like your boots a little bottom heavy? Famous Footwear has you covered with a marvelous selection of lug sole boots to edge up your style. These boots are sure to be a staple in your closet. They are everywhere and finding their way into everyone’s signature style. Chunky boots are bound to make you step into a room and turn heads. It’s the definition of a statement shoe. Try out anything from a chunky heel to a lug sole platform. There’s a lug sole for every look and every occasion. The 90s trend is back and better than ever.

Perfect for the colder seasons, chunky boots are a sensible way to add height to your look without risking comfort or utility. These boots instantly elevate any of your cold weather looks, freeing you from falling into the monotony of big sweaters and coats for winter. Walk on the wild side with lug sole & combat boots to add some edge to your looks for the colder months.

Beyond just the cold season, be bold and pair chunky boots with a mini skirt or a voluminous dress. They give effortless structure to all your looks. Therefore, this trend is perfect for testing the waters of a new style. If you’re starting out and maybe still a bit unsure about the trend, try combat boots. Combat boots have been a stylish choice across many seasons without stepping too far from the realm of regular boots. You do not have to set your sights on a super high platform to enjoy this trend. However, if you’re a bit more daring, or looking for the height of heels without the stress that heels can put on the feet, then chunky boots are for you. Since chunky boots are a statement item, you can use them to spice up a monochrome outfit, to keep from fading into the background despite your outfit’s simplicity.

Lug sole & combat boots bring practicality and fashion that is so in right now. The real pioneers of this style are brands like Dr. Martens, Madden Girl, and many more available at Famous Footwear. There are plenty of looks to choose from, some better equipped for cold weather conditions, while others are great across multiple seasons as a bold fashion statement. While combat boots are a classic edgy staple, chunky boots are great for those who are willing to push the envelope of style. Think outside the box with these boots geared toward a more fashion forward look. This trend is all the rage in women’s fashion, and in brands like Dr. Martens, you can match with your mini and introduce them to one-of-a-kind style early.


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