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Everybody needs something for a rainy day and Famous Footwear’s selection of duck boots have you covered. Duck boots are a great weather ready boot that keep your feet dry in the rain, and warm in winter. Duck boots are a great choice for any time you find yourself on an adventure in the cold and the wet. They are practical, durable footwear designed to keep your feet warm. They are a classic boot with a rubber shoe sole and covering for the foot and a lace-up boot midway to the ankle or the calf. The rubber shoe sole is really what makes duck boots recognizable and so sought after. It keeps feet dry and helps maintain traction in wet or icy conditions. The lace up section is usually made with a more flexible fabric meaning these boots are more comfortable to move around in. The lace up section moves with you instead of restricting movement like other styles of boots. The flexibility, traction, and waterproof design makes duck boots the perfect style of winter boot for the whole family.

While duck boots were originally created as men’s hunting gear, their stellar ability to keep out the cold and the wet has made them perfect for anyone. Their practical, preppy looks have made duck boots for women and kids just as popular as the men’s selection. That flexible cloth upper allows so much room for dynamic design, and sassy style to catch the eye of women and children alike. They’re the perfect boot for anyone who frequents wet weather conditions.

Choosing the right duck boot for your conditions is essential. While all duck boots bolster a water resistant makeup, if you are only worried about the rain then you might opt out of more insulated styles and if sleet and snow are your main concern go for a style that is waterproof and insulated to keep your feet warm and dry. Rain duck boots are typically non-insulated, made with the idea of keeping feet dry first and foremost. Adding insulation takes the protection to a whole new level. However, keep in mind that waterproof styles are rarely very breathable so while they’re incredibly warm, they might not be your all day option if you do not intend to be out in the cold.

Duck boots are available from some of your favorite brands. Looking for a totally cute take on that classic duck boot silhouette? Bearpaw boots have you covered. With the cute cozy details that Bearpaw is known for she can take on any weather in style. Your cute options don’t stop there. Baretraps puts an interesting spin on duck boots with warm linings and interesting colors and textures. JBU makes duck boots high fashion. Feel free to strut your stuff in elevated, sophisticated patterns and colors. Khombu makes incredibly stylish duck boots for women who are ready to stand out in the colder seasons. Sperry has an amazing selection of duck boots for the whole family. Whatever your style prerogative, Famous Footwear has it all.