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At Famous Footwear, we're committed to offering the best selection of eco-conscious footwear for the family, including our collection of the hottest Teva sandals. Teva's commitment to environmentally preferred materials is evident in their use of 100% recycled plastic for their Quick-drying straps, made using traceable REPREVE® polyester yarn by Unifi®. But wait.. there’s more! Teva’s Universal Strapping System™ and recycled polyester webbing provide the ultimate support for your foot, while helping to reduce plastic waste in landfills.. something we can all get behind! It’s easy to see why Famous Footwear is proud to partner with Teva to offer their selection of eco-conscious sandals for the family.


Thought we were finished? Don’t worry… it gets even better! In addition to Teva’s innovative use of recycled materials, Teva has partnered with Famous Footwear to offer a selection of vegan sandals for women and men, crafted using synthetic and plant-based materials. So not only do Teva sandals offer the comfort and style we’ve all come to know and love, but Teva also promotes a cleaner planet by using earth-conscious materials. We are not only talking the talk, but truly walking the walk as well.


So look no further! Whether you're searching for the perfect hiking sandal for your next outdoor adventure or simply searching for a cute, casual shoe to wear around town, our collection of eco-conscious Teva shoes has you covered. Shop our eco-conscious Teva collection today and join Famous Footwear in our efforts to be easier on the environment!