Boys' shoes

Little boys have the world at their feet. All they need are the right shoes.

A new pair of shoes represents new possibilities. Especially when you’re a kid. And at Famous Footwear, we have boys’ shoes for every step of childhood.

Like the baby boy shoes you’ll dress him in long before his feet hit the ground (but the pictures will turn out so cute). The sneakers he’ll spend all week learning how to tie. The boots he’ll run and grab on that ever-elusive snow day and the basketball shoes he’ll pull on before the game of his lifetime.

The sandals he’ll live in on your family’s beach vacation and the cowboy boots he’ll love showing off. The dress shoes he’ll wear as ring bearer in his first (but not last) walk down the aisle.

His feet will grow, and our styles will grow with him. As he trades in his backpack for a briefcase and kids’ shoes for something in a larger size, know that we’ll be with him every step of the way. We can’t wait to see where he goes.