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Get your game face on with Nike. Nike is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, dedicated to getting you performing at your peak wherever you go. So, of course, Famous Footwear has a wide selection of these iconic sneakers. In the gym, on the field, or going through your everyday routine you deserve Nike sneakers. Nike has made a name for itself in both the world of athleisure and fashion. Everyone one from pro athletes to pop icons can be seen sporting a pair of Nikes. They are quickly becoming one of the biggest athletic brands in the world. There’s a reason that these sneakers are so widely popular. They have a variety of looks so there is something for everyone. Nike makes sneakers that are optimized for your needs, so you feel and look great regardless of the occasion.

Nike running shoes are ready for the gym or the track. Whether you are preparing for a long session on the treadmill or shaving some time off your mile, Nike running shoes will keep your feet feeling supported and comfortable. Famous Footwear has a wide variety of Nike running shoes to best suit your needs. Nike running shoes come in an assortment of colors and silhouettes, so you can coordinate them with all your best running outfits.

For a life as versatile as Nike’s sneaker lineup, try out Nike training shoes. Nike training shoes will support you and make sure you’re working at your peak throughout all your training activities. Go from weightlifting to cycling to distance running seamlessly with quality Nike shoes. Nike training shoes come in a diverse range of styles and colors. Find a sneaker that supports you and makes you look good.

Nike tennis shoes are great outside of the fitness arena as well. Street and athletic wear is in. Make a bold fashion statement in stand-out shoes from Nike. Nike is at the cutting edge of fashion and any self-respecting sneakerhead is sure to have more than a few Nike sneakers in their arsenal. The Nike swoosh is one of the most recognizable icons in the world. Step into international fashion trends with shoes from Nike. A pair of Nikes can be the key to pulling off a show-stopping athletic outfit, head-turning streetwear or adding some swag to a classic business casual look. From the gym to the office, Nike tennis shoes are so versatile that anyone can find a sneaker they will love.


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Do Nikes for kids run small?

Nike kids' shoes usually fit true to size. If you are unsure what size your kiddo is, we always recommend visiting your local Famous Footwear store to have your child’s foot measured or checking out our shoe size chart for kids for exact measurements.


What does Nike mean by Big Kid shoes?

"Big Kid" in Nike terminology refers to older kids' sizes, typically for kids aged 8-12 years old. If you are unsure which size is correct, we always recommend visiting your local Famous Footwear store to have your child’s foot measured or checking out our shoe size chart for kids for exact measurements.


What is the age range for Nike shoes?

Nike offers shoes for all ages, from newborns (crib shoes) to adults. Specific styles may differ by age groups. Famous Footwear is happy to carry Nike shoes for all ages, ensuring we have the perfect fit for you and yours.