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Walk it out in style with Famous Footwear's collection of New Balance walking shoes. Explore our selection of New Balance walking shoes designed for both men and women, where comfort meets performance. Our latest selection showcases the best New Balance walking shoes, ensuring that each pair delivers the support needed for your active lifestyle. From women’s walking shoes to men’s walking shoes, step into a world where every stride is met with the perfect blend of style and functionality.


Discover the perfect companion for your fitness journey with New Balance walking sneakers. Crafted for ultimate comfort, these shoes are not just for walks but also great as gym shoes or workout sneakers. Famous Footwear is the go-to destination for New Balance sneakers that keep up with your active lifestyle. Experience the difference with New Balance walking shoes from Famous Footwear today– where every step is a step towards achieving your fitness goals. Our New Balance collection ensures that you're equipped for success in every stride!