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Crocs are known for their unique look and incredible comfort. Famous Footwear has a variety of Crocs shoes including clogs, sandals, slippers and flip flops. Crocs for women keeps style and comfort a main priority. Crocs are versatile and come in a variety of silhouettes. With so many options to choose, Crocs for women match every vibe. Your feet will thank you for the comfort guaranteed by Crocs.

Crocs clog design is well known for its iconic look, as well as it’s comfortable design. These are shoes that are ready to wear every day. They are easy to slip on, and the heel strap keeps them securely on your feet, so they are the perfect choice for running errands. Crocs clogs are made of Croslite™ material which is odor resistant, easy to clean, and quick drying, so you might even try out a pair of white Crocs. That clean bright white you love can stay just as nice as the day you bought them. However, with the wide variety of colors available for Crocs for women if white crocs aren’t your style there’s no shortage of hues to match your look.

Looking for something other than the classic clogs? Crocs women’s sandals have the same comfort you love in a different style. At Famous Footwear, there are Crocs athletic slides, perfect for pre- and post-workout comfort as well as a variety of lifestyle sandals. Each sandal is made of comfortable and dependable materials. Croslite™ foam footbeds ensure odor free and easy to clean sandals. You can enjoy the same comfort of the classic clog in different styles to match your vibe.

Crocs flip flops for women are perfect for a trip to the beach or a casual day out in the sun. They’re water-friendly and buoyant, like many other Crocs styles. Flip-flops are a summer staple, and a must-have for a day on the water. Crocs flip flops come in a variety of styles and colors. They have a sturdy footbed made to support the foot for all day comfort.

Crocs slippers are a cozy companion to the classic Crocs clog that you know and love. Crocs slippers are lined with faux-fur with a Dual Croslite™ footbed for extra cushion comfort and support. These are the perfect lounging shoes. Your feet will be warm and comfy in this pick from Crocs.


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Why are Crocs so popular?

Crocs are popular for their comfort, unique design, ease of use, durability and the ability to personalize them with Jibbitz charms.


How to put Jibbitz on Crocs?

Simply insert the Jibbitz into the Crocs hole by pushing the top part of the Jibbitz through until it pops into place. It may help to insert the top of the Jibbitz into the Crocs hole at a slight angle.


Do Crocs stretch?

Not really. Crocs may stretch slightly with wear, but the stretch is typically minimal.


How to wear Crocs?

Crocs are typically worn as casual footwear, with a wide range of casual outfits from jeans and a shirt to shorts and a tank top… Crocs pair well with anything casual. Crocs can also be worn with the strap in the back or front.


When did Crocs become popular again?

Crocs became popular again in the late 2010’s due to celebrity endorsements like being featured in the Christopher Kane runway show in 2017. Crocs then experienced a huge increase in popularity during the pandemic, as comfort became a larger focus for consumers.