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Converse has been around for over a century, and there’s a reason why. Converse are simply too good to pass up. Everyone knows the signature silhouette of Converse shoes. Converse shoes for women are stylish and come in a variety of colors and patterns so you can express your unique style. Converse has managed to keep its iconic look for a century while moving forward with the times. Make a statement with a classic like Converse All Star or set trends with the variety of other silhouettes of Converse shoes for women.

Women’s Converse shoes are perfect for everyday wear. You would be hard-pressed to find an outfit that you couldn’t pair with Converse. Women’s Converse come in such a wide variety of patterns and colors that there is a Converse to match every outfit. Pair these sneakers with any casual look. Or, you can also pair it with things like a suit or a nice dress, to embrace that classic effortlessly cool look that Converse sneakers are known for.

Converse gained traction as a no-skid basketball shoe, but now they’re worn by just about everyone. High-tops are naturally eye-catching statement shoes. Converse All Stars go beyond just turning head, with all the colors available in this classic style, they are sure to leave an impression wherever you go. Converse All Star sneakers come in a low top variety. Low top Converse are great if the high tops are not quite your style. They come in just as many colors as the high tops with added ankle mobility. They pair well with long pants and skirts.

Converse also has slip-ons if you are looking for something to put on quickly and look great. They are a phenomenal style of women’s Converse that really look great when styled with a dress, sweatpants, or anything else you can imagine. Just find a color that matches your outfit, and you are good to go. Converse slip-ons have the same outstanding variety of looks like the high top and low top Converse. Give them a try and embrace a classic casual silhouette.

Converse is constantly embracing new designs and new trends. So, you can embrace the classics, but also push the envelope in silhouettes that maintain that Converse aesthetic while bringing something new to the table. Converse shoes for women enhance your style options with a solid well-known look to accompany all your outfits. Pick up your new favorite sneaker at Famous Footwear.


Are Converse shoes still cool?

Absolutely! Converse shoes continue to be a timeless and cool staple in any shoe-closet.


What is Converse known for?

Converse is known for its iconic Chuck Taylor All-Stars, a classic, versatile sneaker that has become a favorite for men, women & kids across the world.


Is it OK to wear Converse in winter?

Yes, you can wear Converse in winter. Keep in mind that they may not provide enough insulation for extreme cold weather.


Do you wear socks with Converse?

Yes, we recommend wearing socks with your Converse to prevent blisters and ensure comfort.