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Converse has been the leader in casual cool for more than half a century. Over the years Converse shoes have had an unwavering ability to allow men, women and kids everywhere to express their individuality. True classic style is embodied in the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker, which has remained virtually unchanged since its beginning in basketball in the 1920's.

Famous Footwear carries all of the classic Converse All Star styles, as well as modern updates on old looks, so that no matter what kind of casual cool you're going for, you'll find it here, like Chuck Taylor All Star Move platform. Converse high tops and Converse low tops are available in a number of classic canvas colors, as well as fun prints to keep up with today’s trending looks. White platform Converse and white Converse high tops are a must for every sneaker rotation.

Converse Chuck Taylor kicks are no longer just simple sneakers or Converse basketball shoes: there are looks for a number of personal styles, including platform Converse sneakers and Converse lugged: chunky Converse. Our great selection of Chuck Taylor Converse from high tops to low tops, will take you from spring through fall and back again. From black Converse to white Converse and everything in between. Women’s Converse continue to bring something new to the sneaker scene. Stand out prints, sky high platforms and more are trending in huge ways.

Looking for a new twist on classic sneakers? Try the Converse Madison, High-Street, slip-on Converse, or a fresh new color of Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers for a modern take on timeless trends. Kids’ Converse? We got ‘em. The littles will love all of the fresh prints with their favorite colors to express their personal interests. Plus, parents will appreciate toddler Converse with hook-and-loop closure for easy on and off. And don’t miss the cutest baby Converse!

Casual athletics are always a hit, whether you're going back to school, heading to work, or hitting the basketball courts. At Famous Footwear, you can count on finding the best selection of Converse shoes for women and men’s Converse in all the latest colors and styles. Find your next pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, Converse high-tops, low-tops, and more today!


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Do converse run big or small?

Some customers say that Converse shoes often run a half-size larger.. however the fit will be unique to every individual. We recommend reviewing the shoe size chart, customer reviews or visiting your local Famous Footwear store to have your feet measured for the perfect fit.


Where to buy Converse near me?

Converse shoes can be purchased online from Famous Footwear or purchased inside one of our retail store locations across the US. We also offer Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store services for same-day shoes! Check out our store locator tool to find your nearest store.


Are Converse non slip?

While Converse are not specifically designed as non-slip shoes, many people find their grip and traction suitable for everyday use. If you’re searching for a true slip-resistant shoe, Famous Footwear carries a wide selection of non-slip shoes!


How to lace Converse?

Lacing Converse can be done in many ways, from the standard crisscross method to more unique styles. Follow the instructions below for the crisscross method:

  • Start by running the lace straight across the bottom (closest to your toe), inside and out through the bottom eyelets.
  • The left end of the lace should go straight up on the inside, then through the next higher eyelet on the left.
  • Now, take the right end of the lace, and cross it over the tongue, passing it through the second eyelet on the left.
  • The same right end of the lace goes straight up on the inside, then through the next higher eyelet on the right.
  • The left end crosses over and goes through the third eyelet on the right.
  • Continue this alternating pattern of crossing over and going straight up until all of the eyelets are laced.
  • Remember to always adjust for comfort and evenness along the way.