Shop Penny, Chunky & Platform Loafers for Summer


Loafers are the perfect transition shoe from early spring chill to summer sunshine. Plus, there are plenty of different styles to make loafers your new go-to shoe. From more classic penny loafers to trendy platform loafers, Famous has it all.


Loafers have become a staple in both men and women’s style. As the smart casual look becomes a greater trend these shoes gained a lot of variation to match many personal aesthetics. A classic leather loafer is a must-have in any closet, but suede loafers and velvet loafers have become a popular way to add some pizzazz to this well-loved style. Similarly, tassel loafers add a little umph to such a universal look, making them stand out just a bit more while holding on to that traditional silhoutte. These styles have the benefit of being classy and comfortable.


If you’re looking to really standout, loafers have gotten quite a few trendy makeovers. Platform loafers are an awesome, edgy, and comfortable way to take the classic silhouette you love to the next level, literally. If height is the main attraction high heel loafers make a polished and unique choice to add to many outfits. Chunky loafers add just a bit of height and a LOT of style while keeping that classic loafer look that you love. As you can see, dress loafers have plenty of styles for you to enjoy.


Comfortable loafers come in plenty of looks at Famous. You’re sure to find the pair (or pairs) the match your unique vibe.